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For parents of babies with colic, the first few months of their baby’s life can be a really challenging time as they seek to understand and navigate why and what is causing their baby to be unsettled.

Colic is an umbrella term to describe a very real and uncomfortable condition for babies which presents externally as highly unsettled behaviour. It’s most often caused by an immature gut, where there’s a lack of bacteria to help babies digest and absorb milk protein in breast milk or formula.

The undigested milk protein will then ferment in the digestive system, producing pockets of gas that can be really difficult for a baby to pass. This trapped gas can cause intense, cramping pain for little bubs, and in turn, result in unsettled behaviour.

Often babies experiencing colic want to feed more as it’s comforting, but that can make things worse — resulting in more undigested milk sitting in their system, causing added pain and unsettled behaviour. It can create a cycle that’s challenging for parents to know how to break.

For a baby with colic, indicators include:

  • Arching their back and going stiff or hard through their tummy and legs
  • Being gassy and bloated
  • Wriggling and squirming
  • Grunting, or letting out a random squeal or cry for no apparent reason
  • Drawing their knees up towards their chest, clenching their fists, and going red in the face
  • Being unsettled for long periods of time or prolonged crying (but they may not cry at all)

What can you do if you think your baby has colic?

Here at Willby’s, we believe that settling your baby involves getting the right feeding balance, sleeping routine, use of a high quality probiotic that contains lactobacillus combined with effective colic solutions to help relieve their pain and other symptoms, as well as build their long-term gut health to support a happier baby and happier family.

If you think your baby may have colic, a great first step is to book in a free consultation with us to see how we can help with solutions, support and advice.

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