What we doOur service ensures you receive a personalised, tailored approach to the relief of colic in your baby, with available support as you need it.

Tailor made ingredients

We use approved, standardised ingredients in our compounded products to ensure quality and effectiveness.


Take 10 minutes to complete our online consultation form, which will provide our pharmacist with a history of your baby and help to form a symptom picture. Once your form is submitted, our pharmacist will contact you to discuss our colic solutions.

Make a purchase

After your consultation, our pharmacists will recommend a solution for your baby. We are available to discuss with you the best way to manage your baby’s symptoms. All orders are express posted.

Find support

Our customer care and nursing team are available for support via phone or SMS. You will also find many questions answered in our FAQ section and resources page.

ConsultingBenefits of doing an online consult


All babies are different and have different needs. We need to know your baby’s requirements to ensure you get the best result from our product and service.


Once you understand the underlying reasons as to why your baby may be unsettled, there are many things you can do to help.


Medical and symptom information is needed by our pharmacists to make sure our products are right for your baby.


Once we know your baby, we can monitor their progress and support you throughout the colic journey. Our pharmacists and nursing team are here to support you.

mother and child

ConsultsComplete our 10-minute online consultation by filling in the form 

Consults unavailable at this time.

Your personal data will be used to book your consult, support your experience throughout this website, and for other purposes described in our privacy policy.


“We found Willby’s by recommendation from our paediatrician. Our bub was grunting and struggling with what seemed like painful gas, taking hours to settle to sleep, often having to be held all night. We definitely noticed a difference in him within 2-3 days and it was a game changer for us. 10/10”

“Hello lovely Willby’s team,
We started our journey with you guys in January and I really thank God that I found you. You have saved my life by helping my baby to get rid of colic pain. I am so thankful for the Willby’s team for helping me. I know I have bothered you a lot by calling you all the time. You guys do a great job by helping mothers whose babies are suffering from colic and reflux. I would also like to add that the consultant and reception team were really helpful and did a fantastic job. As your customer you were so helpful, you replied promptly without delay. I would really like to share my message with other parents. Thank you very much.


“Absolutely amazing. My son is 8 weeks and almost all day everyday he would be so tired and would wake every 10-15 minutes with stomach pains. He was never able to have a decent sleep. He is now able to have decent naps during the day and I now have a happy baby who looks around and tries to coo and laugh. My only regret is I wish I had started sooner so I could have enjoyed the first 1-2 months of my newborn baby rather than be a tired, emotional, stressed out mumma.”

willbys sleeping baby
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