What are the symptoms of colic?

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What is colic?

Colic is an umbrella term to describe an uncomfortable condition for babies that results in highly unsettled behaviour. It’s widespread, too, with up to x per cent of babies experiencing three or more indicators or symptoms of colic.

What are the symptoms of colic?

So, what are the symptoms of colic and what should you be looking out for? You might have heard that excessive crying is the most common indicator of a colicky baby, but while crying is a symptom of colic, it’s not necessarily the most common one.

For a baby with colic, key indicators include:

  • Arching their back and going stiff or hard through their tummy and legs
  • Being gassy and bloated
  • Wriggling and squirming
  • Grunting, or letting out a random squeal or cry for no apparent reason
  • Drawing their knees up towards their chest, clenching their fists, and going red in the face
  • Being unsettled for long periods of time or prolonged crying (but they may not cry at all)

If a baby is demonstrating at least three of the above indicators, they’re likely to be experiencing colic. For more information on colic or to book a consultation with us, reach out to our team!

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