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Qiara Pregnancy Breastfeeding Probiotic


Qiara Pregnancy Breastfeeding Probiotic is taken by mums during pregnancy and while lactating to support a healthy gut & breast milk microbiome. It may help suppress the bacteria that can cause breastfeeding complications and mastitis. Taken from 32 weeks of pregnancy and throughout the duration of breastfeeding. It may help to lay the foundations for a healthy infant microbiome, digestive function, nervous system and immune function.

Clinical trials indicate that Qiara Pregnancy Breastfeeding Probiotic may help to:

  •   Maintain a healthy microflora, important for you and your baby
  •   Restore the balance of good bacteria in breastmilk that may have been reduced by antibiotics or other factors
  •   Relieve or reduce symptoms of mild mastitis
  •   Reduce the recurrence of mild mastitis, especially after a course of antibiotics
  •   Improve general digestive and gut health for both mum and baby when taken by mum
  •   Ideal for mums recovering from C-Section and antibiotic use, may help prevent mild mastitis and breast pain.