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Qiara Probiotics Kids


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A probiotic strain isolated from breastmilk to support gastrointestinal health, ideal for kids aged 2 – 12 years.

As your children grow, it is important to support their microbiome which is the ecosystem living within us responsible for digestion, absorbing nutrients, regulating the immune system, protecting from pathogens, and so much more.

Qiara Kids contains a probiotic strain originally isolated from human breastmilk with clinical research supporting its benefits in the digestive system (especially during and after antibiotic use) and for overall health and wellbeing.

Suitable for all kids from pre-school through to 12 years of age, Qiara Kids may be used for children who have been prescribed antibiotics or suffer from food intolerances, experiencing diarrhoea or constipation, respiratory cough or cold, or gastrointestinal health issues. 

Qiara Kids can:

  • Help restore the balance of good gut flora during and after antibiotic use
  • Support gastrointestinal health
  • Maintain and support general health and wellbeing
  • Increase good bacteria growth
  • Maintain and support healthy digestive system function