No More Tears Colic Relief – The Book

Do not let colic spoil the first few months with your new baby. No More Tears Colic Relief is a no nonsense practical guide for new mums dealing with unsettled babies. It offers expert advice on nutrition, lifestyle, behaviour and natural solutions for unsettled babies suffering from wind, colic, reflux and sleeplessness. An easy read with short chapters and tips galore to promote the calm atmosphere need so you can bond with your beautiful bundle of joy.

By reading this book, you will learn:

Essential tips and secrets from a pharmacist who is also a mum
10 breakthrough techniques to soothe tiny troubled tummies
Trade secrets from leading baby health professionals
Instant colic relief using a unique approach through natural medicine
3 powerful reasons why you should add probiotics to your diet and that of your baby
The golden rules to promote restful sleep for your baby and your family
How the foods you eat can affect your breastfed baby and what to do about it

Do not let colic spoil your first months with your new baby.

This book is a must read for mums with unsettled babies and relief is just a phone call away.
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